About Us

Herzenswärme intensive care service

We regard care as a service provided to healthy, sick, young and old people in their life phase between birth and death.
The well-being of our patients is the highest goal of our daily activities and a matter of the heart.

Personal introduction

In the hectic everyday life in the hospital, I have often had to experience that the dignity and the humanity remain so many times on the line.

Through my activity in the care of ambulatory patients, I am aware of the fears and needs when the dependency on the respiratory device has suddenly entered the foodstuff and dominates everyday life.
Leave this hospital routine behind you and, in spite of the limitations, lead a self-determined and dignified life at home within the family circle, with optimal medical and nursing care, patients can achieve this with the professional support of Herzenswärme GmbH & Co KG.
Intensive care is not an easy job, which requires the employees to have a lot of competences, whereby I personally mainly depend on professionalism, social competence and empathy.
We have made it our mission to support and accompany you and your loved ones with our multiprofessional team in order to enable you to live a dignified and self-determined life in your habitual environment.
Highest medical-nursing quality with professionalism and humanity – for more safety, quality of life and dignity.

Our Guiding Principles

Feel-good atmosphere

The aim of our work is to enable the people we care for a well-being atmosphere, taking into account their need for help and their individual possibilities.
We respect the dignity of every human being and his uniqueness in life as well as beyond death and respect and support his autonomy.

Our Guiding Principles

Cooperative collaboration

Everyone has the right to respectful care.
In order to provide comprehensive care for our patients, we promote cooperative cooperation with all members of the family who are involved in the care.

General questions

We will gladly answer all your questions about our services.
01. Care in the community 
At present only intensive care for patients with ventilation in the form of 1: 1 is offered. From the first quarter of 2018, however, we are also planning to provide care within a residential community. 
02. Who pays for intensive care? 
Intensive care is medical care and treatment. That is why the benefits fall into the health insurance sector. For more information, see menu point Concept. 
03. What services are offered? 
The care of intensive patients in their own four walls, which depend on a breathing mask or a tracheal cannula. 
04. How can I contact you? 
Just give us a call! You can reach us under the telephone number +49 162/859 3432. You can also send us an e‑mail.

Get in touch today.